Lead For Web Development and Seo Company

So, you need leads for SEO or Web Design or Mobile Apps.

Well, When I was working with web development/seo agencies in the past, I am pretty sure that it is a hard time for such agencies because the technology is getting cheaper and cheaper every day & the cost of employees is increasing every year. Business Development Manager,Web Developer, Tele-Callers, Project Manager and Web Designers, you need tools for Invoice, Proposal Creation, Client communications, Phone System ( Local & International), Ticket Management etc. Sounds correct ?

But I have a good news for you. You have to read carefully following lines if you agree to me.

Let's come back to the original topic - Leads.

First of all, think about the people who may or may not want your services. Who are they ? Where did they come from ? What all they need ? What kind of business they do ? Can you dig more about them if you just get their emails ? Let's think of them as Pool A.

Secondly, You should focus on one GEO (Country) or if you are going to use multiple countries, you must have people speaking to their language.

Lastly, you already have your own methods of lead generation. Let's Make it Pool B.

Pool A :- This is data of the people who book their website or domain in past 48 hours. Everyday we capture about 50,000 to 80,000. We remove private proxy. We remove the emails which are not working. We capture their domain names, email, phone, city, state, zip and country code. In short, we have the data of whole world every single day but that does not mean this is a lead. Next, we find all the possible details like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other social Profiles of those people to know if we can reach them socially. This help us to know their already existing business set-up and their alternate but confirmed phone numbers.

Now, the question is how to Target Pool A.

Well, We do personal consulting too but let's write down possible methods used traditionally :

  1. Email Marketing - 99% emails are verified and all private emails are removed.
  2. Fresh Data - Everyday we get about 60,000 to 1,25,000 data worldwide.
  3. Phone Numbers - 92% are verified numbers and you can call them and check it.
  4. Local Marketing - Data can be use for local companies which means you can contact a customer in your city.
  5. Cold Calling - You can try cold calling.
  6. Twitter Ads with email - https://blog.twitter.com/2014/new-ways-to-create-and-use-tailored-audiences
  7. Facebook Ads with email - https://www.facebook.com/business/a/custom-audiences
  8. Gmail Ads - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUnGdf3G92o

If you use Pool A and add this to Pool B, you will be generating more leads.
Set-up of Pool A takes time and this needs expertise. We can help you with one time fee. Please contact me here.
If you just need the daily data of newly registered domains, request the sample data via chat or you can check the pricing here.

How Will you get the data ?

  • - You will receive data updates via API. You will get in the response in Google Sheet (line by line). We will Integrate API to your Google Sheet account.

Fill out my online form.
  • How it works ?
    Once, your make the payment, you will get a login/password on our premium dashboard. We update the data on daily basis. You need to choose the date and click on export data.
    You will get a CSV with all the required information for your selected or chosen country.
  • What it includes ?
    This includes Name of the domain, Name, Email, Phone, City, State and Country. We also provide you 4 different views of your data.
    Domain Data
    All the domain information with Name, Email, Phone, City, State and Country.
    Social Data
    Social Profile associated with the domain email like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus.
    Phone Data
    Unique Phone number, Name, Domain ( Comma Separated)
    Email Data
    Unique Email, Name, Domain ( Comma Separated)
  • How long it takes to deliver the order ?
    24 hours after the payment is confirmed.
  • How do you get the data?
    We compile our database from a wide variety of public sources, such as:
    Yellow Page directories
    New business information
    Daily connections of services like Gas/Water/Phone etc.
    Daily Press releases
    Google Local
    Business Tax Filing
    User-generated Query
    All DataonDemands information is compiled from public sources. To remove your information please send an email to info@dataondemands.com
  • How long I can download the data ?
    Pricing is monthly. It means you can download the data on daily basis for 30 days.
  • How do you take payment ?
    PayPal only. We offer you 3 days trial in $0.01 to check the quality. If you like the data, you can pay us 30 days amount required by your chosen country package. Paypal will automatically deduct the payment from your account.
  • Is there any contract ?
    No. You can cancel your PayPal subscription anytime.